Structure de mise en forme 2 colonnes



Now semiconductor devices for microcircuits are built, mainly using optical lithography, but the tasks of microminituarization are concerned with the surface view of several atoms. This is another scientific area, atomic nanolithography. That is possible because of atomic control around surface. As a precise microinstrumentation authors are using atomic force microscope or atomic camera with mask for high-precision micro-motion. The method has been patented by the team of Prof. Victor Balkin from the Institute of Spectroscopy, RAN.

The created nanostructures are less than 30 nanometers. The authors have described in more detail the full aspects of atomic nanolithography in the journal “Russian nanotechnology“, No 7-8, 2009. Prof. Balkin says “It is possible that we shall design the so called nanoantenas and then find and study separate molecular structures and biomolecular structures as well. They are a basis for new type biosensors”.

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