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14 October 2009 EUSPEN 2010: 31st May, 4th June 2010

10th Internation Conference of the European Society for Precision Engineering & NanotechnologyDelft - NetherlandsDeadline for abstract submission is 30th October 09

04 August 2009 The National Nanotechnology Initiative budget for 2010

The National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) is the US Government agency cross –cut programme devoted to the development of activities in the field of nano – micro science and engineering in strong collaboration and interrelation...[more]

31 July 2009 Interview with Dr. Stefano Carosio

Division Manager, Research and InnovationD’Appolonia S.p.A.

31 July 2009 Interview with Mrs. Andrea Reinhardt

CEO of MICROTEC and member of Hydromel Advisory Board

16 July 2009 Fifth International Precision Assembly Seminar IPAS 2010

Chamonix, France, 14-17 February 2010[more]

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