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Ireland / 312 employees

Tyndall is the largest multidisciplinary research institute in Ireland. It principally performs research microelectronics, optoelectronics and microsystems technologies. It is recognised as a world-class institute of excellence in selected Information & Communication Technology (ICT) fields. Tyndall participates in several projects in the FP6 programme, including specific targeted research projects ELISHA, ELFNET and NAPA.


Dr. Alan O’Riordan received his B.Sc. in Analytical Chemistry from CIT in 1995. Following this, he worked on control of gaseous atmospheric environments within submersibles at DERA, UK. In 1996, he worked on development of methodologies for analytical environmental sampling and analysis of gaseous emission sources in GlaxoWellcome, UK. In 1996-1997 he worked as a QC analyst in Novartis UK. In 1997 Alan joined NMRC as a research engineer. He obtained his Ph.D. with the Nanotechnology group in 2005 for research on field configured self-assembly of mesoscale components at silicon substrates.

His research interests include development of novel manipulation methods for heterogeneous integration of functional mesoscale devices and fabrication and characterisation of organic photonic devices.


Email: alan.oriordan@tyndall.ie
Phone: +353 21 490 4403