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Finland / 21 employees  

Modulight Inc. is a privately held company that designs, manufactures and markets laser diodes for telecom, datacom, CATV, industrial, medical, automotive, space and defense applications. Modulight products include FP and DFB laser diodes with wavelengths between 650 to 1700 nm in bare-die / chip, TOCAN, TOSA and fiber pigtail form. The Company also supplies custumized lasers for a variety of applications.


Petri Melanen, (Device Engineer) has over 10 years experience in semiconductor laser development in university (TUT) and industry. He has been involved in developing lasers and laser manufacturing processes from 600 nm to 1600 nm and has gained solid understanding of design criteria and manufacturing requirements of various types of lasers.

Mr. Melanen works at Modulight as a Device Engineer in product development and production of laser products. He joined Modulight as one of the founders in 2000. Prior to that he worked as a Product Development Engineer in Nordic Epitaxy and as a Research Assistant in Optoelectronics Research Centre of Tampere University of Technology, where he studied Semiconductor Physics and Electronics. Mr. Melanen is an author in 13 international scientific publications and conference papers.

Petri Melanen: petri.melanen@modulight.com
Device Engineer
Modulight, Inc.
Direct: +358 40 830 4675
Switch: +358 20 743 9000
Skype: modu_petri