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Germany / 10 employees

The company Klocke Nanotechnik produces and sells the "Nanomotor", the smallest and most precise linear motor worldwide as base for a series of Nano-robotics. KNT is specialized on nano-robotics from components to complete production systems. More than 25 man-years of product development, an international network of customers, agencies and partnerships in different markets and the membership in 4 German Competence Centers in the areas of Microtechnology, Nanotechnology and New Materials enables to deliver innovative solutions for complex problems.


Volker Klocke is founder of Klocke Nanotechnik, a company that produces and sells Nanorobotics, in Aachen.  Dr. Klocke studied physics at the University of Cologne and received his Ph.D. from the University of Aachen (RWTH) in the field of nano-layers and UHV technology.  After five years working at a computer company, in 1992 he began developing the Nanomotor, based on an invention at the Research Centre in Juelich. He started his own company in 1994 operating in the field of Nanorobtoics worldwide. Dr. Klocke is a member of four German Competence Centers in the areas of Microtechnology (IVAM), New Materials (NeMa), and two in Nanotechnology.


Volker Klock : info@nanomotor.de