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Adhesion Forces Controlled by Chemical Self-Assembly and pH: Application to Robotic Microhandling

Hydromel Partners EMPA and CNRS have shown that the self-assembled structuration provided by EMPA is able to reduce adhesion on the gripper built by CNRS. The influence of the structuration has also been measured and modelized by the CNRS. Robotic microhandling is a promising way to assemble microcomponents in order to manufacture a new generation of hybrid microelectromechanical systems. However, at the scale of several micrometers, the adhesion phenomenon highly perturbs the micro-object release and positioning. This phenomenon is directly linked to both the object and the gripper surface structuration and roughness. EMPA has proposed an original way to control the roughness of the surface using self-assembled PS spheres. Model and experimentations show the relevance of this approach to control adhesion in robotic microhandling.