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Switzerland / 250 employees

CSEM is an innovation centre with the mission to transfer research results developed at universities to industrial applications. CSEM is active in the fields of micro- and nano-technology and systems engineering. The Nanotechnology and Life Sciences division at CSEM is active in the field of micro-and nanotechnology, MEMS, MOEMS and biomolecular detection. The nanotechnology activity works on both top-down as well as bottom-up methods for the fabrication of nanostructured surfaces. The life science activity studies the effect of surface topography on cells and biosensing instrumentation. The Microrobotics division works on the development of new technologies for the assembly of small devices, such as MEMS and MOEMS. New robotic and microfluidic solutions have been developed to handle and assemble particles in the range of some mm down to some hundred of nm.


Dr Alexander Steinecker is Project Manager at CSEM in the section Microassembly & Robotics. He is coordinator of the HYDROMEL project and has expertise in national and international funded projects. The microassembly and robotics group is working on development and implementation of industrial microrobotic solutions for advanced automation cases. Alexander Steinecker is working at CSEM since 2001. He studied physics in Universities of Bielefeld and Bonn (Germany) and reached the Diploma degree 1996. He earned his PhD in 2000 as physicist (University Bonn). Subject of the work was inorganic materials research and related methodologies in electron microscopy.


Alexander Steinecker
Microassembly & Robotics
Tel: +41 (0)416727521


Dr Helmut Knapp is head of the Microfluidics & Microhandling section at CSEM, which works on miniaturization of sample handling for life sciences applications using microfluidic and microrobotic principles, such as methods for sorting and concentration of cells and microparticles and for transporting and mixing of fluids. The group also has expertise in simulation and design of microfluidic systems, as well as their prototyping and testing. Helmut Knapp was born 1965 in New York and has German und US citizenship. He holds a masters degree in Physics from the Technical University Berlin, Germany (1991). After working one year for the Fraunhofer Institute for Microtechnology in Berlin, he earned his PhD in Biophysics (1995) from the Technical University of Munich, Germany. He then worked as a senior scientist and appointed lecturer at the ETH Zurich in the Nanotechnology Group in the engineering department. Since December 2000 he heads the Microfluidics & Microhandling Group at CSEM.

Helmut Knapp
Microfluidics & Microhandling
Tel: +41 (0)416727523

CSEM Centre Suisse d’Electronique et de Microtechnique
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Dr Franck Montagne is project manager in the Nanotechnolgy and Life Science division at CSEM (Neuchâtel). He obtained his Ph.D in polymer materials from the University of Lyon I, France in 2002. His doctoral thesis was carried out in the Macromolecular Systems and Human Physiopathology Laboratory of the CNRS-bioMérieux joint unit. After one year as research associate in the Key Center for Polymer Colloids at Sydney University, Australia, he worked as CSO for Elchrom Scientific AG a Swiss biotech company in polymer hydrogel technology and DNA/RNA/protein analysis and purification. He joined CSEM in 2006 and currently has main R&D activities in the fields of surface (bio)functionalization, self-assembly and nanostructuration.

Franck Montagne
Nanotechnology and Life Science
Tel: +41 (0)327205681

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