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HYDROMEL’s objective is to develop tomorrow’s high precision flexible and cost-effective manufacturing process for complex micro- and nano-products.
Hydromel is developing a technology platform for Hybrid assembly; combination of positional assembly by robotics - where objects are mechanically manipulated and positioned one by one - and self-assembly (autonomous organisation of components into patterns or structures without human intervention)  - where objects arrange themselves into ordered structures by physical or chemical interactions and will show in selected demonstrators the innovation, benefit and industrial relevance of the technologies.

Robotics R&D goals
Robot based handling
Provide prototypes and study feasibility of robot-based handling

  • Integrate micro & nano-handling multi-DoF robotics systems
  • Develop and test sensor based devices (2D/3D/6D-vision based handling, force control based handling)
  • Provide software framework prototype for integration

Self-assembly goals
Self assembly methods
Provide prototypes and study feasibility of self-assembly

  • Proof of concept of chemical and mechanical surface treatment to support self-alignment
  • Proof of concept of switchable surfaces
  • Hierarchical self-assembly
  • Provide methodology for characterisation of SA-forces

Hierachical assembly goals
Hybrid assembly methods
Carry out integration of SA-assisted robotics and vice versa

  • SA in conventional robotics

    • Develop potential of functionalized grippers
    • Enable SA-assisted feeding

  • Robotics in self in the SA-domain

    • Fast placement of particles to attractors
    • Error correction of self-assembled objects