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Luigi Occhipinti
STMicroelectronics Srl - Italy

Occhipinti Luigi, born in Ragusa (Italy) the 8 Apr. 1968. Received the Electronics Engineering degree from Catania University in 1992, and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering in 1996 with a dissertation entitled “Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems: applications in modeling and control of dynamic systems”.
Since Nov. 1995 Luigi Occhipinti is working in STMicroelectronics, Corporate R&D, covering several positions of both project leader and R&D manager. In 2001 he was appointed Scientific Coordinator and Program Manager of the Soft Computing and Nano-Organics R&D group, and Nano-Organics team leader. In 2004 he covered the position of Strategic Alliances and Program Manager of Si-optics and post-Silicon Technologies (SST), Corporate R&D, in charge of all external cooperations, research alliances and projects for Corporate R&D SST. Since 2005, he is appointed Sr. Adv. R&D and Program Manager of Technology R&D - Post Silicon Technologies group, in charge of Printed Electronics Technology Platform, with responsibility of teams located in Italy (Catania, Naples) and Singapore. His research field interests include emerging technology areas for the post-CMOS roadmap, smart systems heterogeneous integration, polymer and printed electronics, advanced bio-systems, advanced signal processing and nonlinear computation, micro and nano-systems. Luigi Occhipinti is author of about 70 scientific publications in international journals and conference proceedings, inventor and co-inventor of 27 industrial patents filed in Europe, USA and Japan, in the field of automation and control, bio-inspired robotics, cryptosystems, micro- and nano-electronics technologies, organic and molecular devices and circuits. He is member of IEEE and CEI/IEC Standardization groups and Technical Committees active in the field of nanotechnologies (IEC TC 113), organic and molecular electronics (IEEE P1620), environmental assessment (IEC TC 111), and fuel cells (IEC TC 105 


Alain Codourey
Asyril - Switzerland

Alain Codourey received a MS degree in microengineering (Mikrotechnik) from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland in 1987 and the Ph.D. degree from the same school in 1991. From 1992 to 1993 he was a visiting scientist at Stanford University, California. In 1994 he joined the Institute of Robotics of the ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich) as technical manager of the nanorobotics project. From 1998 to 2000 he was project manager in the robotics and automation division of Helbling Technik where he carried out robotics projects for companies in Europe, Taiwan and Japan. From 2001 to 2006 he was leader of the microrobotics section at CSEM (Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology) where he was managing research and development in the fields of high precision robots and microassembly. In 2007 he joined CPAutomation as R&D Manager. He was in charge of creating a new micromechanical department that was spawn out in October 2007 to create the company Asyril SA. Since then he is Managing Director of Asyril. Since 1996 he is also part time professor at Biel School of Engineering teaching robotics and microrobotics.


Phil Keenan

MBA Graduate. Chartered Engineer (C.Eng). B.Sc.(Hons) Materials Science (Sheffield).
Experienced manager / technology leader with over twenty-five years experience in taking numerous complex product programmes from the laboratory and scaling-up to volume production and shipment to the customer in the shortest possible time. (microcircuits, hard drives, inkjet printheads, display technologies, photovoltaics).
Broad  experience in materials deposition technologies, technology characterization and continuous  improvement.
A skilled people leader and problem solver who enjoys the challenges of technology and bringing it to successful commercialization.
Author of 18 patents in the fields of inkjet printheads, MEMS device production, displays, and photonic devices.
Providing manufacturing consulting for large area LED lighting, OLED and photovoltaic manufacturing clients. (Large area MEMS assemblies and interconnects).Developed a lifetime optimization model for the photovoltaic and OLED emissive materials used by clients to drive next generation product designs.


  • Consulting for UK and Irish start-ups: Organic Photovoltaics / OLED lighting and large area photonic materials deposition.
  • Xaar PLC, Cambridge, May 2008  - Oct 2008, R&D Manager – Inkjet Printhead Development
    Cambridge Mechatronics (Formerly 1 Limited - miniature autofocus cameras), Oct 2007 – Apr 2008, R&D Manager 
  • Strategyn (Customer core product needs research), February 2007 – Sept 2007
  • Xennia (Inkjet Deposition Systems for Displays and Photovoltaics), Aug 2006 - Feb 2007, R&D Manager
  • Hewlett Packard Corporation Ireland, 1994 – 2006, Leader of a flexible emissive displays development programme as part of HP’s worldwide displays development.
  • Inkjet Manufacturing 1994 – 2001, Leader of engineering teams in the manufacturing of inkjet printheads.
  • IBM Corporation, January 1983 – April 1994, Senior Member of Technical Staff



Dr. Davide G. Giaquinta (I)

Davide Giovanni Giaquinta, graduated in mechanical engineering at Politecnico of Turin, is active in the field of implantable medical devices at Sorin Group (www.sorin.com), a global company and a leader in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.
He has a long experience in development and industrialization of implantable medical devices: since 1998 he has been covering several positions in different B.U. of Sorin Group:

  • Vascular Therapy B.U. (1998-2005) relating to implantable medical devices for Coronary Artery Diseases;

  • Hearth Valves B.U. (2006-2008) relating to implantable medical devices for Hearth Valve Diseases;

  • Cardiac Rhythm Management B.U. (since 2008) relating to implantable medical devices for Cardiac Arrythmias.

  • In Vascular Therapy B.U. he was involved, as mechanical designer of R&D dept., in the development of Research Projects funded by italian government, related to “Theme n° 5 - Systems and devices for interventional cardiology - Lines 1.1 and 1.2”; in 2000 he was appointed responsible for the development and the industrialization of bare stents and drug eluting stents production technologies (laser cutting, pickling, electro-polishing, crimping, drug loading).

  • In Hearth Valves B.U. he was appointed R&D manager for Operation assistance System focused in technical support for maintenance activity of the product.

  • Today he covers, in CRM B.U. , the position of Leads Segment Leader and he is in charge of coordinating all Operations deliverables, for leads segment of the market, and for all new product developments within this segment. He coordinates, as Core Team Leader, an international team aimed to deliver in US market leads with a drug eluting component complying with FDA requirements.



Andrea Reinhardt

Mrs. Andrea E. Reinhardt is active in the field industrial applications of micro- and nanotechnologies since 12 years at microTEC team. She is educated at University Mannheim and started her career in banking. In 2001 she co-founded NTC www.ntcgmbh.com and is angel investor of D&D Pharma GmbH. Mrs. Reinhardt has worked within customer- and EC funded R&D projects and contributed to invited articles in areas like customized series production of MEMS, laser and UV light based production, diversity, innovation and SME as an element of European growth. She is working as reviewer for national and EC funded projects, is member of the board of ZIRP www.zirp.de and MINAM www.micronanomanufacturing.eu.

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