Structure de mise en forme 2 colonnes

Main achievements

Robotics highlights
Development of multi-DOF robot systems ready for integration in demonstrators
Feeding approaches for micro-part – prototypes available
Micro- and nanomanipulation (rippers/tip-based)
Vision algorithms have been developed (2D-6D)
Force-controlled grippers for save cell manipulation and injection have been designed

Self-assembly highlights
Study of chemical and structural patterning of surfaces
Evaluation of thermally and electro-chemically switchable surfaces
Hierachical dielectophoretic assembly of nanowires and reversible immobilization of beads
Synthesis and characterisation of polymer nanowires
Strategies, tool and models for measurements of bonding forces

Hierachical assembly highlights
Development of a capillary gripper
Methods for functionalisation (small area of gripper jaws)
Cell sorting realised
Robotic set up for manipulation of nanowires
Mechanical clipping mechanisms for self-alignment have been realised

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