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France / 16 000 employees

The CEA (Atomic Energy Commission) is a French Governmental Research Organisation (15000 employees) devoted to both fundamental and industrial R&D. 4 different departments of CEA will be involved in HYDROMEL : LITEN, LETI, DRECAM, DRFMC. CEA-DRECAM and DRFMC focus on fundamental research on condensed matter, atomic and molecular physics. CEA-LITEN and LETI are part of the DRT (Technological Research Division) unit that has activities in technology transfer in the fields of information and communication, and of technologies for new energies.

His research interests are in nanomaterials synthesis, chemical functionalization, characterization and applications. After he received his PhD in molecular chemistry, he spent seven years in industrial R&D at Rhodia where he was Senior Scientist and then Technical Service and Development Manager. He received the Research Rhodia prize in 2002. He joined CEA in 2005 where he is now head of the “nanomaterials and chemistry” research team. He passed his habilitation in 2006. He is author or co-author of 25 publications and 20 patents. 

Jean-Pierre Simonato: jean-pierre.simonato@cea.fr


She received a PhD in polymer chemistry and materials from Lyon University in 2005. She spent two years as a postdoctoral position at CEA working on elaboration and characterization of organic thin film transistors and integration of nano-objects (silicon nanowires) into devices. As a research engineer at CEA since 2008, her research interests include surface functionalization and nanomaterials-based electronic devices in Dr JP SIMONATO’s nanomaterials and chemistry research team.

Caroline Celle :caroline.celle@cea.fr