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Nascatec GmbH, a world market leader in high-resolution optical near-field microscopy, develops and produces high-tech solutions in the microsystems technology and nanoanalysis sectors. Nascatec products are deployed in all fields of nano- and microtechnology. The company has developed not only the first piezoresistive AFM sensors but also the world’s first SNOM sensor based on cantilever technology, which analyses surfaces using optical measurement. For example, Nascatec has equipped both the ESA’s Rosetta mission and NASA’s Stardust mission with Nascatec sensors. The company’s core business focuses on the development, prototype production and manufacture of SPM/AFM sensors, SNOM sensors and micro-nanomanipulators for applications in research and development, surface characterisation, process controls and biotechnology. Now, the product portfolio is to be expanded, with the aim of exploiting the potential of nanomodules for the life science sector.

Wolfgang Barth:  barth@nascatec.com