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Bulgaria / 142 employees

BAS (Institute of Mechanics) focuses on research in intelligent mechatronic systems, robots for micro and nano-operations, micro fluidics, micro and nano scaled mechanics and biomechanics and metrology








Surname/ First name: Kostadinov/Kostadin
Position: Scientific Secretary of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Senior Researcher.
Department: Mechatronic Systems at Institute of Mechanics.
Organisation: Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
Postal Address: Acad. G. Bonchev Str., bl. 4, 1113, Sofia, Bulgaria
Telephone: +359-2-8706264; +359-2-9874791   Mobile Phone: +359-888-957-682
Nationality: Bulgarian
Date of birth: 27.11.1955;
Scientific degrees, institution, year:
Assoc. Prof., Institute of Mechanics 1998-Bulgarian Academy of Sciences;
Ph.D, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 1994.
Fields of Research: Mechatronics and robotics.
Publications: 74
Kostadin Kostadinov: kostadinov@imbm.bas.bg


Surname/ First name: Tiankov/Tihomir
Position: Scientific Researcher.
Department: Mechatronic Systems.
Organisation: Institut of Mechanics-Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
Postal Address: Acad. G. Bonchev Str., bl. 4, 1113, Sofia, Bulgaria
Telephone: +359 2 929 6483: Mobile Phone: +359 898 52 46 37;
Nationality: Bulgarian
Date of birth: 24.06.1979;
Scientific degrees, institution, year: Doctor, Institute of Mechanics, 2007 – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences;
Fields of Research: Micro and nanotechnology, robotics, algorithms and software control of piezo-actuated robots, requirements specification and robotisation of micro and nano manipulation processes.
Publications: 10
Tiankov Tihomir: tiho_bg@abv.bg


Name: Daniel Marinov Dantchev
Birth Date/Place: April 29, 1960/ Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
Citizenship: Bulgarian
Permanent professional address: Institute of Mechanics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Acad. G. Bonchev Str. bl. 4, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
Present permanent position: Full Professor at Institute of Mechanics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Present scientific titles: Doctor of Sciences, since 2005, Ph.D. since 1990
Fields of expertise: physics of thin fluid films, micro and nano fluidics, nanotechnology, grippers, condensed matter theory, statistical mechanics, mathematical modeling, phase transitions, critical phenomena, Casimir effect, finite-size scaling theory, self-organised criticality, wetting phenomena, surface phase transitions, quantum phase transitions, probability theory, limit Gibbs destributions, exactly solvable models
FAX: (+359)(2) 8707498
Phone: (+359)(2) 9792007
Daniel Marinov Dantchev: daniel@imbm.bas.bg, danieldantchev@gmail.com