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The sub-project "hybrid assembly methods" is the core of HYDROMEL and deals with the the complementarity of microrobotic systems and self-assembly methods for positioning/aligning meso-scale objects. Precise controlled hybrid handling solutions (gripping and feeding) for the controlled manipulation of self assembled mesoparts, methods for the determination of forces (down to nN) between two mesoparts, fast robotics for the placement of meso-scale objects close to configured surfaces, error correction and controlled positioning/alignment of these self assembled objects will be developed. The most competitive process chain in terms of cost, reliability and speed/accuracy realised by employing the right combination of robotics and self-assembly methods will be designed. This will facilitate integration of hybrid robotic/self-assembly methods that will bridge the gap between emerging laboratory and existing industrial manufacturing techniques. In the state-of-the-art description, it has been clearly shown that following issues need to be investigated for future hybrid assembly systems: 

  • To improve microrobotic methods (SP2) using a variety of complementary self-assembly techniques (SP 3).

  • To improve self-assembly processes (SP 3) using a variety of complementary microrobotic techniques (SP 2).

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