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The sub-project "self-assembly methods" deals with the problem of assembling micro parts within the context of self-assembly processes. Self-assembly methods based on programmable forces for self-assembly of a range of mesoscale components at a variety of substrates will be developed and optimised. Moreover, the bottlenecks in spreading the self-assembly technology to industries in order to enable future self-assembly process chains will be addressed. In the state-of-the-art description, it has been clearly shown that following issues need to be investigated for future self-assembly systems:

  • To establish surface treatments and patterning methods for 4 different models: cell, chips, rods/wires, beads.

  • To use different chemical and physical switching principles to create switching surfaces for the assembly of mesoparts. 

  • To use different self-assembly methods to hierarchical move and assemble components and cells into wanted locations.

  •  To model and measure bonding forces in dynamic self-assembly processes in order to assemble two bodies of nano- and micrometer sizes relative to each other.

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